About Us

TÜDAM  Evaluable Waste Materials Industry Association was founded with participation of TAT and GDT licensed firms in March 2007.

Being active in Ankara, TÜDAM which is established by licensed firms under the regulation of Package and Waste Control published by Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning aims to form a platform for firms to share their information and experience.

Our association that has resembling associations in many parts of the world has aimed to redound an institutional identity to the sector with a combination of licensed Collection Separation and Recycling Plants.

Controlling of domestic and industrial packages and wastes in a healthy system, TÜDAM, which is a strong NGO of the sector, also aimed to contribute  our country’s

environment and economy.

TÜDAM is the meeting point of member firms, which tries to find solutions for sector problems with its new members, who participate TÜDAM day by day.

TÜDAM is a member of Bureau International of Recycling.

We are inviting all the licensed Collection Separation and Recycling Plants to meet under the roof of natural representative of the sector, TÜDAM to reduce the problems and find solutions together.